The Reserve Bank of Australia has held the cash rate at 1.50% on their last meeting of the year

The Reserve Bank of Australia has held the cash rate at 1.50% at their December meeting. This is the 15th consecutive month the RBA has held the cash rate, after cutting to the historic low of 1.50% in August 2016. Once again, the RBA’s result was correctly predicted by the experts polled. There are plenty […]

Family Planning: Applying for a home loan with a baby on the way

A new baby completely changes your life. Are you also prepared for how a new baby might affect your chances of buying a home? Here are some things to consider before you submit your application. When a lender assesses your home loan application, they look at your income, assets, debts and expenses before deciding whether […]

Cash Rate Unchanged

Following its monthly board meeting, the Reserve Bank of Australia has today announced the official cash rate for November.  The RBA has again chosen to keep the cash rate at 1.5 per cent, a move predicted by most industry experts. None of the surveyed experts predicted a rate change, despite some economic indicators showing signs […]

Tips for Achieving Financial Security

When it’s time for you to retire, will you be able to afford it? Almost all of the research conducted on the subject, over the last few years, shows that most individuals are unable to demonstrate financial readiness for their retirement years. This only serves to underline the fact that saving for retirement is a […]

How to speed up your home loan approval

Asking how long it takes to get a loan approved is like asking how long a piece of string is. Every application is unique, so the time between your first contact with your bank or broker and approval can never be predetermined. There are, however, some things you can do to help hurry your application […]

Reserve Bank keeps interest rates on hold at record-low 1.5pc

The Reserve Bank of Australia has left official interest rates on hold as expected after its monthly board meeting. RBA Governor Philip Lowe said the central bank decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at a record low 1.5 per cent. The decision to leave rates unchanged for a 13th consecutive meeting was widely expected […]

Joint bank accounts – Should you open one?

When a couple gets married or has been in a relationship for several years, it is common to operate out of a joint bank account. So, is this beneficial? Is this the right way to go about things? Is it offensive to tell your partner that you would prefer to keep your accounts separate? A […]

What are the costs of buying a home?

Unfortunately, there are a number of fees and costs associated with buying a home. Here is a list of the more usual ones. Not all of them will apply to all situations. Stamp duty — This is the big one. All other costs are relatively small by comparison. Stamp duty rates vary between state governments […]

What to consider before renovating

The decision to renovate is a common sticking point for homeowners, who can spend hours weighing up the cost benefits. Whether your motivation is to add value to your property or to add a touch of your personality to the home, renovations are expensive and debt often follows. By working with a mortgage broker, you […]

Things that could trip you up when applying for a home loan

Buying your dream home is exciting, so the last thing you want is for your home loan application to be held up. While many factors are considered in assessing an application, showing stability and consistency is key for lenders to determine whether you will be able to repay the loan. But sometimes what’s happening in […]

Is a Developer’s Incentive a Good Deal

Developers generally offer incentives because they need to get pre-sales in what could be a slow or oversupplied market, which in turn enables them to get a project up and running. Offering incentives is a marketing tactic. The problem for buyers is that they could end up overpaying for a property and then having issues […]

RBA leaves rates on hold at 1.5 per cent

The Reserve Bank board has kept its cash rate on hold at a record low of 1.5 per cent for the 13th consecutive month, amid a host of signs that the economy is picking up. Treasurer Scott Morrison told the Coalition party room as the board was meeting that job advertisements were growing strongly, climbing 13 […]

Examining A Home Objectively: What Matters and What Doesn’t

Everyone heads out to look at potential homes with a list of the things they want in a house, and a list of the things they definitely do not want.  In addition to that wish list, there are also some other things you will notice about the homes you visit that may strike you as […]

Interest only loans- What’s happening?

Interest rates are a hot topic right now.  Up until recent times, home loan rates were identical to investment loan rates It’s not as easy as it once was to apply for an interest only loan. Over the last few months lending for this type of loan has been tightened by the banks in an effort to slow […]

Buying A Home That Can Grow with Your Family

If you are a first-time homeowner, or are purchasing a home after a major life change such as marriage or having children, what should you consider to be sure your new home can grow with your changing family?  The time and effort that go into purchasing and decorating a new home, not to mention finding […]