Stamp duty rated as the most inefficient tax in Australia

Across all levels of government, whether federal, state or local, the current stamp duty regime is the most inefficient and should be abolished, according to Housing Industry Association chief economist Tim Reardon. HIA recently joined a chorus of industry groups calling for the abolition of stamp duty after the NSW treasury proposed replacing the longstanding regime with […]

How to consolidate debt

Struggling to manage your debt is an enormous strain. The lack of control, worry and fear can seep into every part of your life. For some it’s a temporary blip, like an unexpected change in circumstances, while for others it has become overwhelming over many years. Through careful debt consolidation, you can take back control […]

How important is land when buying apartments?

It is one of the so-called “golden rules of property”; the driver behind the price increase of any property is land value. Mark Twain famously summed this up when he wrote that land is the best investment because “they are not making any more of it”. That seems straightforward enough, but does this golden rule […]

Too loyal or time-poor for a better rate? Problem solved

Another month, another rate cut. Finance can be so tedious. That is until you realise it could mean more money in your pocket. But how? For many, matters of personal finance are so dull and/or difficult, they are immediately filed in the too-hard basket. And for their trouble, or lack thereof, these people are often […]

What’s your home really worth?

Type your address into any number of free ‘what’s your home worth’ websites and an approximation of your home’s market value pops onto the screen in the blink of an eye. Easy. But no matter whether the figure you see sends your heart soaring – or sinking – take a minute to consider how accurate […]

Rental yields – what you need to know

Rental yield – essentially the rate of rental income returned against the costs of an investment property is a great indicator of a property’s investment potential. But you need to keep things in perspective when you factor it into your decision to purchase property. Calculating rental yield A good first step in examining rental yield’s […]

Make Working from Home Less Taxing

With no commute and casual Friday turning to casual every day, there’s a lot to love about working from home. But when the cat keeps hijacking your Zoom calls and Friday drinks end up being with said cat, it has its downsides too. Thankfully, the tax man is offering a bit of socially distanced relief […]

renovation floor plans

Home Renovation Adjustments to Do Post COVID-19

Now that most people are adapting to the new normal, you should expect some changes to occur in all aspects of your life. You can observe it from the simplest way of buying groceries to the modifications in the home renovation process. Everyone needs to practice precautionary measures to keep all people involved in the […]

woman in her home office

3 Important Considerations When Building a Home Office

While home offices have been around for a long time, they have become even more prevalent now due to the ongoing pandemic. Businesses have been forced to shut down their offices and have their employees work from remote locations in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus. If you are one of […]

Home renovations underway

Money Matters: 3 Tips in Financing Your Home’s Renovation – Our Guide

Working on a home renovation project can be a tricky matter, especially if you don’t know where to get the money to match the house improvements you’ll need. As a homeowner, it is vital to ensure that your financial choices work towards your benefit and not result in greater debt. Making the right financial choices […]

Stamp duty reform, will it happen?

The conversation around stamp duty reform has gained momentum in recent weeks at both the state and federal level, with everyone from RBA Governor Phillip Lowe to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to state politicians suggesting that land tax reform may have a role to play in Australia’s post-COVID economic recovery. Reform could significantly aid homebuyers through reducing the amount of money […]

blue credit card in hand

Debt Consolidation: What Is It and What Can It Do for You

Living with debt is one of the more difficult things in the modern age. While most people try to actively avoid accumulating it, debt can be inevitable if you want to make a big purchase—a home loan, a car loan, or even a business loan. No matter how savvy you are with your money management, […]

hundred Australian dollar notes

Do You Have a Reason to Refinance Your Mortgage: Find out Here

If you own a home with a mortgage, you have probably heard about refinancing many times, and now you’re thinking whether or not it’s something that you should do. Refinancing is basically switching from your original loan to a new one. There are many reasons homeowners would want to do this. Here are some of […]

Person filling in forms

A Guide to Applying for Your First Home Loan

Applying for a home loan is one of the most significant decisions that you can possibly make in your lifetime. The process involves many important considerations, and you need to be mindful of each one so that you can secure a suitable home and, more importantly, a stable financial future. Out of the many aspects […]

house with house keys

4 Signs It Is Time to Refinance Your Mortgage – What to Know

You have repaid more than half of your loan. You think your performance in loan payments and your current financial situation can help you get a better term. They say refinancing has money-saving features. Should you trust your gut and do it? When is the best time to get refinancing? Is there really a best […]